Цікаво та  в новому форматі пройшов День соборності України в англомовному клубі, що працює при Центральній міській бібліотеці ім. Л. Толстого.

A new season of the club has started! Yay! We moved to a new conference hall, because of the major repair in the library. Hopefully an echo sound doesn't disturb you.

Today we had many guests who came to celebrate Ukraine's Unity Day with us. We had a lot of fun playing games "Guess the word", "How would your life change if you were....?" Also we had an amazing English native speaker from Nevada, USA, Jim Smith. Everyone had an opportunity to talk to him on Skype. I hope you benefited from the conversation with him. Jim mentioned, that each of you has an good and excellent English level, so GO YOU!




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